Mostertshoek Twins Summit(2030m) – September 2021

Frans Slabber, El-Doreé Grobler, Hagen Liebberger Finally, on the fourth attempt I succeeded in reaching the top of both peaks. To recap: 1. Approached from the Waaihoek Mountains side(West), sleeping over at Hoare Hut, then attempting “the ridge” to Mostertshoek. Even getting to the ridge from Hoare Hut was a challenge. At about a third […]

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dimension of spirit

Julius Evola, a leading exponent of esoteric thought, was also an ardent mountain climber who personally scaled the peaks of the Tyrols, Alps, and Dolomites. For Evola the physical conquest of a mountain, with all the courage, self-transcendence and mental lucidity that it entails, becomes an inseparable and complementary part of spiritual awakening. It is

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Victoria Peak(1591m)

By far one of the best peaks in terms of view and elevation in the nearby and easily accessible mountains of the Western Cape. And once on the Dwarsberg Plateau, the unspoilt marshland presents one with a pleasant feeling of isolated wilderness. Hagen Leibberger, John Crumley, Stuart Summerfield and myself met at the Jonkerhoek gate

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